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Bus Requests and Bus Passes

TO: Dear Parents and Guardians,

RE: Bus Requests and Passes

If you need your student to either walk or go to another location other than their scheduled stop, it is best to submit a note first thing in the morning to Mrs. Kennard or Mrs. Nichiporuk.

In order to keep our students safe and eliminating confusion at the end of the day, we are requesting that all bus changes be submitted to the Office no later than 12:00 pm.

We understand that there will be times of emergency where you may have to call after the 12:00 deadline and we will handle those requests on a case-by-case basis. What we are trying to eliminate are the calls coming in at the very end of the day that have caused confusion for the students, teachers, office staff, and bus drivers.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.


If you have any questions regarding this request, please feel free to contact Mrs. Peck Grades 6-12 or Mrs. Kephart grades PK-5.