• Good afternoon PCS families,

    I am writing with some updates on what is happening at PCS. I’m happy to report that we have completed another successful week of 100 % in-person learning. We are one of a very few districts who have had the good fortune of completing so many weeks of in-person instruction.  The face coverings, cleaning and paying attention to hand hygiene have definitely made a positive impact on the health of our school community. I have not had a single teacher call in sick for three weeks straight, and our students are healthier than ever. We have had a few need COVID-19 tests, but as a whole we are really doing well. I compared data to past years and our attendance is substantially better this year. Whether we like the new protocols or not, they are obviously keeping our school open. Please have a conversation with your student to continue to stress the importance of following all health and safety guidelines so we can continue to remain open for in-person learning.

    Halloween is tomorrow night and I’m sure many families have plans. Please do your best to minimize large gatherings and come up with alternate celebrations for students. I know I have no control over what happens on the weekends, but once again I know everyone wants our school to remain open. Everyone has a part in this!  Here is a link to the Department of Health recommendations for Halloween alternatives: https://coronavirus.health.ny.gov/system/files/documents/2020/10/13244_covid_halloweenguidance_102020-2.pdf


    Finally, make the flu shot a priority for students this year. With COVID-19 risks mixed with flu risks, this year it is more important than ever to get that flu shot.


    Thanks so much for your continued support!