• Good afternoon PCS families,

    We have made it through another week here at PCS and we are certainly excited about that. I’m also happy to report that our entire school community has been extremely healthy this week. Very few folks have had to be referred to medical providers so that is definitely good news.

    While I do not have many updates this week, I did want to make everyone aware of the new “zoning” that is happening at the state level. Here is a link to a story that was published on WENY on Wednesday: https://www.weny.com/story/42797697/cuomo-parts-of-chemung-steuben-counties-placed-under-new-restrictions-due-to-rise-in-covid-19-cases. As you can see in the map, the yellow has crept into Steuben County and is impacting a few schools. We are NOT in the yellow and do not want to be in the yellow based on the mandatory elements that are put into place. For example, schools in the yellow zone have to randomly test 20% of the population weekly, and that includes faculty/staff and students. For PCS, that would be roughly 90 people per week. The Steuben DOH has let us know that if we end up in the yellow zone, we will need to go remote as they will be unable to provide that level of testing for the entire county. I am not sharing this news to scare anyone or to elevate stress levels. I am sharing it as a reminder that we are still experiencing a county spike (20 new cases were reported since yesterday) and how important it is to continue to follow health and safety rules that are in place.

    Items to add to your calendar – We will be conducting parent/teacher conferences on Monday, November 23 and Tuesday, November 24. All students in grades PK-12 will be dismissed at 12:00 PM both days. We are having NO in-person conferences this year. We will offer conferences via phone, Zoom, Teams or any other means you can work out with your child’s teacher. That communication is vital, so please plan to sign up for a conference or conferences. You will see more details coming from principals and teachers. While we would love to get parents into the building and meet face to face, the health and safety of our entire school community has to be the number one priority.

    Halloween – Here is a link to information for how Halloween will be dealt with at PCS: Halloween Fun. Please understand that while we like to have celebrations with our students, we are in a time when health and safety are extremely important and we have to follow the rules.

    This has certainly been an interesting and challenging first couple of months of the school year, but we are doing very well right now considering the circumstances . Thanks for your support with the new protocols that are in place, and working with us to make sure that we keep everyone safe.

    Let’s continue to follow the rules together and stay out of the yellow zone!

    Reach out with questions or concerns.