• School attendance and screening – PK-5 will be in attendance as normal on Monday, while grades 6-12 will be in remote learning until Friday, October 9. We will make a decision mid-week how we will proceed the week of October 12. Please remember that Operoo needs to be filled out for all students each day so that we can track the health data of our students. Parents of students in grades 6-12, even while learning remotely, need to follow the same protocols for sick students and for scheduled appointments. If a student is sick, please call Nurse Doyle. If a student has a scheduled appointment, please call the main office so we can account for every student. Even though we are presently remote, we need to account for attendance. I know this is different, but your assistance is much appreciated.


    School closure planning – We obviously need to be prepared to close our school quickly with everything that is going on in our county, but that is certainly not what we want to happen. We want students here in person since that is the best place for them to be. We have done an effective job of cohorting our PK-5 students to minimize contacts, and this strategy will hopefully pay off as we encounter these possible closures. Our individual classrooms have very little if any contact with other classrooms and that should help us continue to keep our doors open for students as much as possible. For example, if we have a student test positive in one class, that does not necessarily mean that we have to shut the entire school down for a long period of time. That classroom cohort would have to be quarantined, but we could operate the rest of our classrooms here. Please know that we are trying the best we possibly can to keep students here as much as possible, especially our youngest Vikings. I understand how hard it is to juggle work responsibilities with helping educate your children at home.


    Athletics updates – Mr. Delles, our Athletic Director, sent out some reminders to athletes and families, but I wanted to reinforce what he sent out. Spectators are required to wear face coverings until they are able to sit in our designated socially distanced pods to watch our athletic events. If a spectator gets up to move, the mask needs to be put back on.

    This year in Steuben County, there will be HOME spectators only allowed, and each athlete will be allowed 2 spectators each. We will be providing each athlete with two tickets that will need to be shown upon entry to a contest. We are not having visiting fans since we still are required to observe the New York State rule that no more than 50 people can gather at an event. All spectators will be parking in the parking lot by our softball field and will be admitted into the tennis and soccer field at the gate where tickets need to be displayed. Just remember that these are not our rules, they are Steuben County League rules that we derived with guidance from the department of health. If we want to have a successful season, we need to follow these rules or risk being shut down.


    Thanks again for the flexibility and understanding with so many changes going on all the time. We truly appreciate it. This is a tough time for all of us, but going though it with the PCS community certainly makes it easier!


    As always reach out with any questions or concerns.


    Kory Bay